Answers to frequently asked questions; if the answer to your question isn't covered here please contact us via email.

Q: How often do you publish news stories?
A: The number of stories published varies from day to day, but typically we publish between 12 and 20 original stories a day. Four daily elements are constants:
  • an overnight global markets wrap published by our experienced Vancouver-based reporter every weekday morning
  • currency reports by 8.30am and 6pm every weekday
  • and a New Zealand sharemarket close report nightly by 6pm.

Q: Does BusinessDesk have a feedback section?
A: Yes. Click on contact us and send an email to editor@businessdesk.co.nz.

Q: Can I change my subscription?
A: Yes, you can upgrade or change your subscription at any time. Changes to your subscription charges will apply from the end of your current billing period.

Q. I'm going to holiday - can I place a hold on my Alerts 
A: Simply login to your profile and untick the box to receive Real-time Alerts, and we'll simply send you one email each day - a compilation of every story produced over the previous 24 hours.  

Q: We're a big organisation and we want more than one subscription. Do we get a discount?
A: Yes. Contact us to discuss multi-user licences.

Contact Pattrick:

Pattrick Smellie: 021 588 203
Email: pattrick@businessdesk.co.nz

Q: I'm getting sent some stories I don't really need. Is there a way to filter my Alerts?
A: If you're not already using keyword search, give it a try.  You can change and amend your keyword settings as often as you like to improve your tailored news feed.

Q: Who is behind BusinessDesk?
A: BusinessDesk is a newswire produced by Content Ltd. It is owned by two experienced Wellington-based business journalists, Jonathan Underhill and Pattrick Smellie, in a team of six based in Wellington.

Q: You have published an error. Who do I call?
A: You can contact:
Paul McBeth, Chief Reporter: 027 714 3344
Jonathan Underhill, Editor: 027 466 0366
Email: editor@businessdesk.co.nz

We take accuracy seriously and will endeavour to respond quickly.

Q: I have a press statement for you. What is the best email address?
A: editor@businessdesk.co.nz. This is a general newsroom email address that will ensure it is seen and scheduled by the news team. We recommend that PR firms sending unsolicited emails use this address if they wish to achieve impact. Unsolicited pitch calls to individual reporters on stories of marginal news value are discouraged.

Q: How does the charging system work?
A: You can change your subscription at any time. Keyword and product bundle changes will take effect immediately. Billing changes will be processed at each monthly cycle, whether the change involves an increase or a decrease in subscription.